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Under the new Child Care Subsidy regime, the Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) will provide targeted additional fee assistance to families and children facing barriers in accessing affordable child care.
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As the new Child Care Subsidy will be means tested, it is vital that families have updated all their details correctly in MyGov by completing the Child Care Subsidy Assessment task.
This includes:
  • family income estimate (combined family income)
  • activity test
  • Child care/schooling details
  • Confirm Enrolment

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Families can calculate the level of fortnightly financial support they can expect under the new Child Care Subsidy using Centrelink's Payment and Service Finder.  

The online tool asks families a set of questions about their circumstances, including their shared income and estimated hours of work/study along with the hourly rate of their particular early learning service, to provide an estimate of their fortnightly Child Care Subsidy.

In order for families to answer all these questions, in most cases they need calculate their early learning service's "hourly rate".

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In the transition to the new Child Care Subsidy regime, early learning services may consider different session types or models to better meet the needs of their families under the new regime (whilst not obligated to do so). 

A new approach may better suit your early learning service, along with your families due to potential affordability and accessibility impacts for families.