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We work on behalf of long day care owners and operators to ensure families and their children have an opportunity to access affordable, high quality early learning services throughout Australia.

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The following case study was provided by Smileys Childcare, Freemantle, Western Australia.
It originally appeared in ACA's Belonging Early Year Journal, Volume 7 Number 3 2018

Smileys WA Pic 2

One of the initiatives we are most proud of here at Smileys which has allowed us to develop and foster relationships between educators, families and the community is the introduction of Auslan. 

The decision to introduce Auslan at the service came about when a deaf family enrolled in 2016. With a lack of knowledge in this area and facing a significant communication barrier, we worked collaboratively with families, Communicare, WA Deaf Society and Deafinite Employment Agency to ensure we were able to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

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In the last edition of ACA's Belonging Early Years Journal, we featured some case studies which focused on innovative approaches used by some of our members.

We also republished them here on the ACA website for your easy access:

  • Case Study: Innovation in partnerships with families and communities (NQA 6)


The following case study was provided by Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and Childcare, Aspendale, Victoria.
It originally appeared in ACA's Belonging Early Year Journal, Volume 7 Number 3 2018

Bonkers beat

Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and Childcare, Aspendale, Victoria


Bonkers Beat is the first dedicated music kinder in Australia that provides a holistic approach to learning and has music and wellness as the foundation for its curriculum” says Galina Zenin, the program’s founder and director. 


“The program empowers children, educators and parents by embedding music, yoga and meditation practices into the daily curriculum. We believe this lays the foundation for children to enhance their wellbeing and instil a love of lifelong learning.”


The following case study was provided by Malvern Springs ELC, Ellenbrook, Western Australia. 
It originally appeared in ACA's Belonging Early Year Journal, Volume 7 Number 3, 2018.

WA Malvern Springs pic 1

Malvern Springs ELC, Ellenbrook, Western Australia

At Malvern Springs Early Learning Centre our education program focuses on the building and developing of the children’s knowledge, ideas, culture abilities and interests.


The program content is based on the developmental milestones we have identified that the children need to strengthen, in conjunction with the children’s natural interests, what the children have been interested in the previous fortnight, and the input and feedback from families as to what they would like to see their children learning/developing. 


We encourage our educators to adopt intentional teaching practices, inviting the children to take an active role in their learning by sharing their interests and ideas, helping them to become involved in play, and building on interests and ideas that they observe. We scaffold the children’s learning by asking open questions, role modelling and ensuring that our daily activities are learning focused and provide a variety of learning experiences.