The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is a not-for-profit, member-funded organisation advocating for the future of Australia's children.
We work on behalf of long day care owners and operators to ensure families and their children have an opportunity to access affordable, high quality early learning services throughout Australia.

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Many early learning service providers may not be aware that there is an online government-approved system that allows you to quickly and easily verify current and prospective employee VET enrolments and achievements.

In April 2012, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to implement a system that gives VET students access to a complete record of their enrolments and achievements from a single source.

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The following article is brought to you by ACA Partner Child Care Centre Desktop:

Once upon a time your early learning service's Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) could be put together on a weekend over a glass of red. Not ideal and for the most part - not useful.

Turn the clock forward a few years and it is now an integral component of the assessment and rating process. Self-assessment provides your service with a clear picture of current practice of where you are now and provides opportunities for where you need to go for continuous improvement.

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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Child Care Centre Desktop, which means ACA members receive a discounted rate on their valuable services.

If you haven't yet heard of Child Care Centre Desktop (CCCD), now is the perfect time to consider joining up.

CCCD offers a suite of practical, effective support resources tailored to the early learning sector and your day-to-day operations, to help you and your team of staff work smarter and increase productivity

CCCD's founder and CEO Mark Evans explains "We aim to remove the layers of complexity and offer a simple solution to the various operational challenges each and every early learning service faces." 


When you join your local ACA State Body, you also become a member of the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) nationally.

This means that in addition to the practical guidance and support you receive from your ACA State Body, you also reap the benefits of ACA's important national work. 

How does ACA National support ACA members?

We support our state bodies and their members via the following ongoing activities:

  • Policy & representation on behalf of nation-wide early learning sector 
  • Regular engagement with national sector stakeholders
  • Development and support of national research relevant to the early learning sector
  • Ongoing national communications to members and external stakeholders (via ACA website, social media platforms, regular emails to members)
  • Ongoing media engagement 
  • Management and co-ordination of resources for Early Childhood Educators’ Day