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The article below is a message from our friend Mark Evans, Owner/Director of Child Care Centre Desktop. 

Here we are! Twenty months of uncertainty and now entering an equally uncertain period of a so called 'new normal'.

As it stands, we really do not know how this transition is going to work out. We don't know if we'll be locked down again due to a local outbreak, and we don't know for how long. But we do know it's part of the 'new normal'.

We're still a little in the dark in respect of managing those who are vaccinated as opposed to those who are not. And, from a legal standpoint we have no confidence in how to deal with the situations around individuals who make the choice not to be vaccinated. But we do know it's part of this 'new normal'.

In respect of the business of childcare, how do we get back what we once had? How long is it going to take? Who's going to help us? And where do we begin?

There are so many questions around just as many unknowns.

We are told to 'persist', to hang in there and tough it out... to take care of ourselves, to be mindful of our state of mind and take steps to seek out help.

We are also glued to recent media messages as we move closer to the 'new normal'. They provide a sense of hope and something to work towards.

So in amongst all the uncertainty, where can we find some clarity? Something that is real.

Time is real. We know there's no stopping it - we can make good use of it - or waste it.

As boring as it sounds your 'numbers' or 'finances' are also real. They do not lie but rather, reveal the good, the bad or the ugly and for this, we can absolutely rely on them to make good decisions. If you know your numbers and they are accurate, your decisions around these will be effective.

Effective doesn't necessarily mean positive - it means there will be an impact, a result. For example, when placements drop the direct impact is on maintaining the same level of labour hours – or not! Adjustments in the roster usually follow…and on some occasions the need for unpleasant conversations with staff.

From a personal perspective, these kinds of decisions are painful. From a commercial perspective they are necessary to survive and create the circumstances to re-group, re-build and re-employ when the time is right.

The point of this example is not to bring you down, but to highlight the critical nature of knowing your financial position so you have the ability and information to make important decisions when required.

If you can find some clarity in amongst the uncertainty you can survive and thrive. Accurate financial figures provide this clarity and a foundation to make good decisions during 'not so good' times. At the very least it's a starting point you can count on.

To support our own members, we have created a module called The Recovery Roadmap. For those who find budgets a challenge, there is a section titled: Know Your Numbers which you may find useful.

I'd like to wish all early learning service providers the best in navigating the current challenges, and leave you with an insightful phrase which I believe resonates well in these uncertain times:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” 


Mark Evans

Director – Childcare Centre Desktop


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