The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is a not-for-profit, member-funded organisation advocating for the future of Australia's children.
We work on behalf of long day care owners and operators to ensure families and their children have an opportunity to access affordable, high quality early learning services throughout Australia.

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Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is now known as TELUS Health

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) now offers the early learning sector a high-quality Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at a fraction of the usual cost. This offer is available to both ACA members and non-members. 

When ACA first launched this EAP offer, this service was provided by a health provider known as LifeWorks. Since the launch of ACA's EAP, Lifeworks has since joined forces with TELUS Health and is in the process of rebranding their resources to align with the TELUS Health brand.

ACA has recently updated all of our online resources regarding the EAP to reflect the new TELUS Health brand.

ACA has informed existing subscribers to the EAP that their agreement remains in place and the EAP service remains the same. 

Early learning service providers that haven't yet explored the benefits of an EAP or more specifically the ACA/LifeWorks offer are encouraged to read more about this topic here

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