The early learning sector is gearing up for Early Childhood Educators' Day!

Australia’s early learning sector is getting ready to give their early child educators a heart-felt thank you on Early Childhood Educators’ Day this Wednesday 2nd September.


Early Childhood Educators’ Day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia’s educators in early learning services, for their contribution to the well-being and healthy development of the young children in their care.


This year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day promises to be particularly meaningful, framed by the ever-changing COVID-19 climate.


Australia’s early childhood educators have done a tremendous job of keeping families informed, making sure the children feel safe and happy, maintaining the latest health and safety requirements, being adaptable as circumstances change and maintaining a resilient, positive outlook.


As explained by Paul Mondo, President of the Australian Childcare Alliance, “Early learning service providers and their families are encouraged to say thank you to their early childhood educators on or during the week of Early Childhood Educators’ Day, whether through a formally organised celebration or through the simple gesture of giving a card or small hand-made gift.”


“Those families in Melbourne and Victoria who cannot attend their early learning service due to Stage 4 and 3 Restrictions may wish to create a short “thank you” video and email it to their service, as an inclusive gesture during this challenging year.”


Janine Schokman of Taigum Child Educare Centre in Brisbane says her centre has been celebrating Early Childhood Educators’ Day since its inception. “We go out of our way to make it a really special day for our educators. For us it’s even bigger than Christmas! We want our educators to know that this particular day is all about them and the role that they play in giving the children a safe and happy learning environment.”


“It’s a day of celebration when we unite as a team and commend our staff members for the passion they share in building foundations for the children they care for each day here at Taigum.”


“We do something really fun every year and always put on a delicious lunch and provide some fun gifts. For example, one year we gave our team special gift bags with Himalayan pink salt lamps and all sorts of other personal treats, along with an overnight trip to Tangalooma and a session feeding dolphins! The dolphins were definitely the trip highlight!”


“Our families are also very supportive and generous on Early Childhood Educators’ Day, bringing hand-made gifts and thank you cards. It’s a really lovely, community-building event.” 


“We would love to see as many early learning services as possible Australia-wide celebrate this year’s community event.” Mr Mondo said. “It really doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. Services can celebrate the day any way they like. The aim of the day is to offer the simple gesture of saying thank you and acknowledging how much we appreciate our early childhood educators.” Mr Mondo concluded.


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