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ACA launches new video to help ECEC service providers understand the benefits of an EAP

Following last year's launch of the ACA/LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the

Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) has produced a short educational video for early learning service providers, to help employers understand the benefits of offering their staff an EAP, and in particular the unique benefits of signing up to the ACA/LifeWorks EAP offer.


"Since the launch of this offer last year, our ACA State Bodies have received a number of queries from members about the EAP," ACA President Paul Mondo explained. "The video is a quick, easy-to-share resource which provides an overview of the EAP and clear responses to most of these specific questions."


The video features ACA President Paul Mondo and LifeWorks Director of Business Development Kylie Hancock present an overview of:

  • the benefits of offering your team of staff an Employee Assistance Program (EAP);

  • how much an EAP normally costs the employer per staff member compared to the very affordable ACA/LifeWorks EAP cost; and

  • how the EAP works and how staff can access the various services.


Early learning service providers can view the video here

For more information about the ACA/LifeWorks EAP special offer, service providers can visit the webpage here.