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ACA and LifeWorks launch high-quality Employee Assistance Program

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is proud to be in partnership with LifeWorks - the most trusted mental health and wellbeing partner to over 15,000 organizations around the world - in order to offer the early learning sector a high-quality Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at a fraction of the usual cost


"In the context of the many challenges to the early learning sector over the last two years, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is committed to addressing the mental health needs of our sector," ACA President Paul Mondo said.


More than ever before, employers are encouraged to implement strategies promote and foster the mental and physical wellbeing of staff, while offering free  support to anyone who may be experiencing mental health issues.


A very important part of fostering a mentally healthy workplace includes offering your staff access to an EAP, which aims to enhance mental health and wellbeing, maximise productivity and improve organisational culture.  By improving a person’s life and wellbeing, they will be happier, healthier, and ultimately more engaged and productive at work.


ACA is also cognisant that ACECQA's Ten Year Workforce Strategy includes an entire focus area on wellbeing (Focus Area 4 on page 52), which calls for research into practical mental health strategies for employees that work and the promotion of these wellbeing supports.


"We know that larger service providers are in a much stronger position to be able to afford an EAP service, whereas smaller service providers are less likely to have the financial capacity to take one on or negotiate using efficiencies of scale," Mr Mondo continued.


"Our partnership with LifeWorks means that we can offer a high-quality EAP package to the early learning sector at an affordable price, removing the barrier to many small operators," Mr Mondo said. "We're delighted to be able to finally launch this product to all early learning service providers - whether ACA members or not".

"We hope to see the majority of the early learning sector take advantage of this highly valuable offer, with a view to ensuring Australia's early learning sector has the appropriate supports in place for the ongoing positive mental health and wellbeing of our very important early childhood educators," Mr Mondo concluded.  

For more information about the ACA/LifeWorks EAP special offer, service providers can visit the webpage here.


For media enquiries:

ACA President, Paul Mondo 0411 587 170

ACA Vice President, Nesha Hutchinson 0412 085 068