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ACA backs supported bargaining authorisation to help raise wages for early childhood educators

The following text is lifted from an ACA Media Release - Tuesday 6th June 2023:

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) supports the first ever application for a supported bargaining authorisation, which will enable a group of ACA members, the United Workers Union and Federal Government to work together in negotiations for wage increases for the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector.

Made possible under new provisions in the Fair Work Act, the tripartite negotiations are the first time the sector has come together to negotiate pay increases and conditions for workers.

As the peak body for early learning (childcare) services, whose educators care for more than 850,000 families across Australia, ACA has consistently advocated for additional government support to help attract and retain more early learning educators.

ACA President, Paul Mondo, said all parties are intent on getting wages moving, which would ensure good outcomes for the sector and help resolve critical workforce issues.

“Today marks a very important moment in the history of the early learning sector. We have an opportunity for us — as service providers, unions and government — to work together and begin the formal process to improve wages for our valued educators,” he said.

Mr Mondo added that the sector was built on two pillars: a stable and supported workforce, and strong and viable services and providers.

“Australian families need affordable early childhood education, and this is already a significant cost for most parents and carers.

“We do know that wage rises for our sector will require funding, and we welcome the opportunity to work with the Australian Government as a part of this bargaining process to ensure that well-needed, positive outcomes for our educators do not leave Australian families worse off.”

Mr Mondo said that ACA will continue to work with its union colleagues and other employer groups — as well as the Australian Government — to ensure the long-term viability and wellbeing across the ECEC sector.

“We want to ensure our valued workforce and individual service providers are supported to do what they do best and provide high quality education and care to the children they are responsible for,” Mr Mondo added.

Media enquiries: ACA President, Mr Paul Mondo 0411 587 170 or ACA Vice President, Ms Nesha Hutchinson 0412 085 068