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feedAustralia is a really useful and practical initiative that has been developed for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services, to ensure that they comply with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG), as required under the National Quality Framework, when providing the children with their meals.

The program is endorsed by the Federal Government's Department of Health, and has been lauded as a world leading nutritional promotion and preventative health initiative.

The program was created in response to concerns that many ECEC services are not providing their children with meals that comply with these Guidelines.

In short, the program provides ECEC services with a free online menu planning tool that will monitor, assess and help improve the delivery of food and drinks to children in child care, in alignment with Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The online tool allows you to look up any suggested recipe, and:

  • Check if the ratio of ingredients and suggested serving sizes meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG)
  • Modify the recipe ingredients and/or serving sizes if required, to ensure compliance with the ADG
  • Calculate the amount of raw ingredients you would need to purchase, to produce the recipe in the required volume for your centre’s needs 

The program is offering free face-to-face information sessions, which will eventually be rolled out Australia-wide.

We encourage you to sign up for a free session or subscribe to the feedAustralia eNewsletter for the latest updates on these free sessions here.