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What’s this about?

In December 2019, Education Ministers endorsed the development of a new national workforce strategy as a joint partnership between all governments, the children’s education and care sector, and other key stakeholders.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), on behalf of all governments, is coordinating the development of the new strategy, including stakeholder and public consultation. ACECQA has undertaken extensive consultations with national sector stakeholders and government representatives. These two groups have informed the potential actions and initiatives included in the consultation paper, published at the start of May 2021.

Throughout May 2021, you are invited to provide feedback through the online survey.
ACECQA will analyse all feedback and use it to inform the development of the ten year workforce strategy (2021–30), which is scheduled to be considered by national sector stakeholders, government representatives and EducationMinisters in the second half of this year.

What’s the problem?
The National Quality Framework recognises the important work of educators and teachers in the children's education and care sector and provides a strong foundation for their
professional work. However, the sector experiences persistent and increasingly pressing issues with the attraction, supply and retention of educators and, in particular, teachers.

What’s currently being done?
Governments and providers of children’s education and care services continue to implement and invest in measures to improve the supply, retention and quality of educators and teachers. However, workforce issues and challenges are complex and entrenched, and a coordinated, collaborative, long-term, Australia-wide approach is required to provide comprehensive solutions.

What’s the goal of the new national workforce strategy?
A successful strategy will ensure that Australia’s children’s education and care sector has a sustainable, high quality workforce that meets the needs of children and their families, the
requirements of the National Quality Framework, and promotes positive educational and developmental outcomes for future generations.

It will also ensure that careers in the sector are engaging and rewarding. The ten-year national workforce strategy (2021–30) will be structured around six inter-related focus areas.

How can I have my say?
Throughout May 2021, ACECQA wants to hear your views on actions and initiatives that you believe will assist in improving the supply, retention and quality of the sector workforce. It is important to emphasise that the success of the national workforce strategy will rest on meaningful collective action from all stakeholders. It is also important to emphasise that the potential opportunities for collective action are suggestions only at this stage – they are not exhaustive, and require further consideration, discussion and agreement on timescales, roles, responsibilities and implementation. This consultation period will provide valuable feedback to inform that process.

Have your say: Fill out the consultation survey available online 3–31 May.
Find out more: Visit for more information and to register for an online information session.