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We work on behalf of long day care owners and operators to ensure families and their children have an opportunity to access affordable, high quality early learning services throughout Australia.

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To the Tasmanian Government and Tasmanian Senate Members,

I would like to express my opposition to the Tasmanian Government policy which proposes to allow 3.5 year old children to attend school.  


I strongly believe that children under 5 years of age are too young for a formal schooling environment, both from an academic and social perspective – it’s too young, too soon.


I believe this policy would create an early learning crisis in Tasmania:

For Children
 - Research proves that this is too young and affects children's emotional development

For Families – Children who attend school at 3.5 years old may not be ready, suffer undue stress, leading to disengagement from an early age, ultimately resulting in truancy and drop outs in later years              

For Service Operators - Over 50% of services are likely to become unviable and therefore close down

For Educators - Over 500 child care educators are likely to lose their jobs

Economically - The Tasmanian Government will need to invest millions for new infrastructure in schools which already exists in our Early Childhood Education and Care services.

Tasmania’s young children have the right to a happy and productive childhood as well as a happy school experience.


I urge you to reconsider this policy, which does not put the interests of our children first.