The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is a not-for-profit, member-funded organisation advocating for the future of Australia's children.
We work on behalf of long day care owners and operators to ensure families and their children have an opportunity to access affordable, high quality early learning services throughout Australia.

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The early learning sector’s transition to the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) has been unprecedented for all stakeholders in terms of the complexity of the new processes, the challenging timelines and the unexpected outcomes.

ACA believes it is important to review the impact of the CCS to date and reflect on whether its implementation will improve early learning outcomes for children and families. Our aim is to identify areas for improvement, with a focus on equitable access to early learning for all Australian children as well as supporting the sustainability of the sector.  

ACA ran a survey over the period of 6 July – 27 July 2018 which targeted Australia’s early learning service providers (ACA members and non-members).

We hope that the data gathered from this survey can be used to facilitate well-informed, meaningful discussions about the impact of the new CCS with the Federal Government, stakeholders and the early learning sector at large. 

ACA's full report The Impact of the transition of the new Child Care Subsidy on early learning service providers is available here.